Les Jardins Bio du Médoc acquire a new machine for more efficiency in 2011.



The Primus optical sorter is a highly efficient and fully automated machine with a quick return on investment for the removal of soft and discolored fruit and strange parts from blueberries. Our obsession with always selling high-quality fruit has made us invest in this machine as early as 2019.



The Primus combines the efficiency of laser detection of strange objects, such as leaves, stems, insects, plastic and soft produce, with camera-based sorting of discolorations.

In addition to this, the Primus can also sort based on the chlorophyll (Fluo™) level of the incoming product.

Specially shaped, thin, round conveyors ensure very gentle product handling, which is crucial when processing a delicate product such as blueberries. Air ejectors remove unwanted fruits upward into a separate discharge chute.